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What is CREDO?

We are pleased to introduce to you CREDO the Confederation of Rehabilitation Empowerment and Daedal Organizations.

The principal purpose of CREDO is to serve the nation through the NGO’s and individuals across the country with the aim to provide holistic rehabilitation, skill development and economic empowerment of the ultimate beneficiaries i.e. the Urban and Rural poor including the artisans, craftsmen, vocal and fine art practitioners, being the daedal community.

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To Be Represented At Major, Urban & Capital Cities

CREDO has developed a unique entrepreneurship program. Leading by example has always been the motivation behind CREDO. Hence a pilot IC-SURE (Incubation Center for Start-Up, Rehabilitation, and Empowerment) project has already been rolled out by CREDO. In brief, IC-SURE is the aspiration of the Urban and Rural poor. It aims to first provide the economic skill to its beneficiaries, then convert those skills into tangible entrepreneurship is driven community-based businesses that nurture and contributes to the local economy. 

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